Sunday, August 20, 2017

Most Wanted : Crete revisited.

I've not done a "Most Wanted" post for a while but as I'm returning to Crete at the end of the month for a fortnight's holiday with my partner Lillian I thought it was a good opportunity to look at a few potential targets. As always some ultra light tackle will be going in the suitcase and there a few species I'd love to catch while I'm there that I've never caught before that are already on my "Most Wanted" list. I'll start of with two such species that I've been given some new information on location wise.

Atlantic Stargazer.

A member of the weever family this venomous fish will require careful handling should I be lucky enough to catch one. My mate Andy, who holidays on Crete regularly, has caught a few of these over the years and has kindly told me where he caught them.

Swallowtail Seaperch.

Another species that Andy has caught whilst on Crete. He caught one earlier this year fishing over a reef whilst on a day trip out on a boat . The boat happens to leave from the village we'll be staying in for the second half of our holiday. Hopefully I'll be able to catch one myself.

I've also decided to add a couple of new species to my "Most Wanted" list. Here they are..

Red Scorpionfish.

Another venomous fish. You'd think after being stung by a greater weever whilst on Lanzarote earlier this year might put me off catching poisonous fish?! Wrong! Scorpionfish are awesome and this rather colourful variety is no exception. I think this is another potential capture I can make whilst out on a boat.

Albacore Tuna.

Admittedly I may be pushing my luck with this one. I now know what my "Bonito Basher" is capable of though and my mate Andy has given me a deep water mark to try where he saw juveniles hitting baitfish. I'd love to be able to add a "Tuna Tamer" logo onto my Rock Rover rod too. I might employ a wire trace this time.

I'm really looking forward to this holiday. We love Crete and this will be our third visit to the island. This time we are flying into Chania and will be exploring the western end of the island for the first time. The weather here has generally been poor this year and I've been working a fair bit of overtime at work too so some sun, relaxation and wetting a line in the Mediterranean again will be great. Hopefully I'll catch a few fish, rack up a few species over the two weeks and if I get lucky I'll catch some of the species above.

Tight lines, Scott.

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