Friday, August 25, 2017

Cross border raid.

I went for a drive down the east coast last Sunday with my partner Lillian and we ended up visiting the home of the kipper, the small coastal village of Craster. As well as the smokehouse it's famed for it also has an old harbour. A pure coincidence of course and this had nothing to do with my choice of destination when Lillian asked me to take her somewhere nice.

With tackle in the car it would be silly not to have a quick fish.

The water was nice and clear and I had some fun pestering the resident flounders twitching a small section of ragworm along the bottom, watching them give chase before grabbing it. After I finished pestering them along with the resident blennies, long spined sea scorpions, coalfish and pollock we had a stroll along the coastal path to the ruins of Dunstanburgh castle.

One of the flounder I caught and the ruins of the castle off in the distance.

It's a nice area and it's also less than two hours away from Edinburgh. There were a few nice deep gullies along the coast and the cliffs at the back of the castle look like a nice deep mark too so a return might be on the cards to see what species the coastline holds.

Tight lines, Scott.

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