Thursday, March 06, 2014

Team building exercise.

I popped down to St Abbs Head again at the weekend. The forecast was for a dry start to the day with light rain in the afternoon starting at about 15:00. Two of my mates from work, Stewart and Josh, came with me. With the chance of rain we headed to one of the marks that's easier to get down to so we would be able to get back up quickly if required. I took three rods down but we ended up fishing only two, one chucked out with a variety of large cocktail baits on a single hook and the other at close range with a small mackerel strip, also on a single hook. All action came on the latter and before long we had all caught a coalfish each.

Josh's first ever fish.
Stewart's second fishing trip but he is still a bit freaked out when holding fish.

We were all having a good laugh and both Stewart and Josh were picking things up very quickly. Early in the afternoon a group of kayakers paddled past. They looked quite surprised to see us down there. I'd love to own a kayak and fish from it. My flat in Edinburgh means I have nowhere to keep one though. Anyway, we carried on fishing, Stewart cast in and handed the rod to Josh to hold so he could feels for bites. After a while he told me that the lead had got snagged. I took the rod, had a go at freeing it and managed to dislodge it. Reeling up I felt a little extra weight and thought it was maybe some weed but a nice long spined sea scorpion was on the hook. Josh claimed the fish was his. Stewart disagreed. I laughed.

A specimen. Nice team effort.

A few more coalfish were caught before the sky turned grey and the first few drops of rain fell as forecast at about 15:00. We quickly packed up and headed back up to the top.

Stewart wisely takes his time on the uneven path.

On the way back up I had a look at another nice looking area I'd love to explore but it was hard to see how to access it though. Maybe there is a way down but it would be so much easier getting to these types of marks on a kayak. You could spend a lifetime exploring and fishing St Abbs Head on foot or afloat and still barely scratch the surface.

No way down? Better explored afloat perhaps?

Driving back down from the lighthouse I stopped to take a photo of the cliffs to the west of Broadhaven Bay. No doubt there will be some superb marks along them too. The coastline reminds me of the south west coast of England.

A slice of cornwall on my doorstep.

I really love fishing St Abbs Head. It's quite simply stunning and it will be even more of a pleasure when the days are longer and warmer too. Might even stay down there during the summer for a few days!

Tight lines, Scott.

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