Thursday, September 19, 2013

Most Wanted : Lumpsucker (Sea Hen).

Another quite bizarre looking fish is the latest addition to my "Most Wanted" list. Like gobies and clingfish, lumpsuckers have adapted their pelvic fins into a sucker which they use to cling onto rocks. Scaleless with rows of hard bony lumps and a large hump their appearance makes them quite unmistakable.

Aptly named indeed. This fish is literally a lump with a sucker. 

Normally grey or blue in colour the males' underside can take on a red or orange hue during their breeding season during the early spring when they move inshore and this will be when I try and catch one. A difficult one to target perhaps, especially if they are stuck in a static position and aren't moving around much. One of those species that you need a big slice of luck to catch but I'd still love to get one and I have been told about a few spots where they have been spotted by divers so that should hopefully give me a chance even if it is only a very slim one!

Tight lines, Scott.

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