Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We'll meet again.

Last Wednesday night I met up with my new Ukrainian fishing friend Valentyn again up at Loch Lubnaig as he was staying at nearby Killin for the second stage of his Scottish holiday. It was a very nice evening and my mate Naz came along too. The session got off to a good start when Valentyn hooked and landed his first Scottish perch on his third cast.

I didn't take Valentyn long to catch a perch from the weedy area in front of us.

As we slowly worked our way along the shore I was next to land a fish after Valentyn pointed to a spot where he'd just had a bite and insisted I have a cast there.

Another lovely Lubnaig perch.

Naz meanwhile was obviously quite stunned by the scenery and was taking lots of photos including this one of me fishing.

Basking in the evening sun.

When we got closer to the point where Jake and I normally fish we spotted three guys camping next to the stream there who were also fishing. They were using float tactics and when I asked them if they'd had any luck they told me they hadn't caught anything. I found this quite hard to believe as they were fishing a spot that normally holds a few perch. I began fishing and on my second cast a perch took my Lake Fork Live Baby Shad and was soon landed.

Another nice fish.

This sparked some interest from the campers and I showed them the lure I was using. A few casts later I caught another perch. I thought we would all soon start catching more as the sun began to get lower in the sky but after this there was not much action until some time later when Valentyn caught a second perch after changing to a small hard lure. Naz meanwhile had tried a few different lures, was having no luck and was still pausing to take lots of pictures.

At one point the wind disappeared and the water was like a mirror. Note the grass hanging from the top of the picture!
The fish seemed to vanish along with the sun.

Darkness soon fell and with no fish biting for a while we headed back to our cars. Valentyn was heading further north to Inverness for the third stage of his Scottish holiday. He was planning to fish a few highland lochs and I'm looking forward to hearing about how he does. It was nice fishing with him again and I don't think it's the last time we'll fish together either. There's something else I'm pretty sure will happen again too. Naz will be back to get aLoch Lubnaig perch and next time I'll confiscate his camera!

Tight lines, Scott.

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