Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Two freshwater targets evade capture once again.

I've had a couple more attempts to catch ruffe and also crucian carp recently. Earlier this month I went to Balmaha on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond with my mate Jake. We split up and adopted two different approaches because we both wanted to catch different species. Jake was after big perch using lures and I was after the perch's little cousin the ruffe using maggots fished on a simple running ledger. I started in a small bay in the boat yard and Jake fished from one of the pontoons. Fishing was quite slow so we decided to move around to the opposite side of the bay. This didn't really improve things much and apart from some small perch, small roach and a single jack neither of us had caught what we were there for so after a while I decided to head along to the pier whilst Jake persevered in the bay.

Jake caught this jack on a Pink Candy Lake Fork Live Baby Shad fished on a drop shot rig.

When I got to the pier and dropped down my bait I got bites straight away and was soon catching lots of perch and roach. Whilst reeling one perch up a pike grabbed it and made good his escape with a free meal. I called Jake to tell him there were plenty of fish around and soon after he came along and joined me on the pier. Whilst I continued to catch plenty of fish Jake carried on fishing various lures and was having a frustrating time. This was made worse when a second much larger pike came up from the depths, attacked a roach I had hooked, missed and shot off back down to the bottom again, giving me quite a fright in the process. This prompted Jake to try and catch it and whilst he tried various different lures and retrieves without managing to tempt it I carried on catching perch and roach hoping that a ruffe might come along and take my bait instead but it didn't happen. Just before we left I caught a roach that was a bit bigger than the rest I'd had and it was in really lovely condition with bright orange eyes and fins.

I admire one of the nicest looking roaches I've ever caught.

So we headed home both quite frustrated, Jake by the lack of big perch and failing to tempt the big pike and me by the ruffe, supposedly the most common species in the loch, having eluded me once again. I shall just have to keep trying to catch the little buggers!

Today I headed up to Orchill Coarse Fishery to try for crucian again. I fished the snake pond and after making up some groundbait and tossing in a few balls in front of the reeds that line the opposite bank, I started fishing maggot over it using a float ledger setup. It wasn't too long before I started catching fish.

A lovely little mirror carp in nice condition was the first fish to take my bait. Maybe a ghost carp?
I had several small common carp too. Some of them looked like they could be ghost carp too.
I caught a few small perch, roach and bream too. This little "ghost perch" had rather odd large bug eyes!
A very dark and beautifully scaled mirror carp was the last fish of the session.

All in all I had a most enjoyable day and whilst I didn't get a crucian, which would have seen me beat last years species tally, the feisty little common and mirror carp were a lot of fun and it's a venue I'll be returning to in the future for sure.

Tight lines, Scott. 

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