Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dunbar rockhopping and mini species hunt.

I headed down to Dunbar yesterday with my mate Jake to try for wrasse and pollock at the back of the harbour. We clambered around on the rocks to the east and west of the new harbour for a couple of hours but unfortunately there was no sign of any fish despite us lobbing a Slug-Go or two around and dropping Isome down the sides.

No fish being caught but watching the boats come and go and the nice weather was quite relaxing.

We decided to spend the last hour of the session doing a spot of mini species hunting inside the harbour and the usual suspects were caught at the usual spots, some of which we have given names.

I caught this long spined sea scorpion near the mouth of the harbour.
"Blenny Corner" open for business again. This one took my Isome.
Jake avoids a blank thanks to this cheeky little chap!

Jake then spotted a long slender fish which we're sure was a fifteen spined stickleback and he had a very frustrating time trying to tempt it with a small chunk of Isome, but it soon dissapearred beneath the floating bladderwrack that was growing on the harbour wall. I then popped around to the old harbour for ten minutes to another little hot spot. 

Just before we left I quickly teased this bigger blenny out from beneath "Shellfish Falls".

Not the most productive session we've enjoyed recently and the lack of fish over the back was a bit dissapointing but the mini species saved us from blanking again and as always brought a smile to our faces!

Tight lines, Scott.

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