Sunday, June 03, 2012

An unorthodox approach.

I popped out for an hour tonight to try something from a fly fishing purists worst nightmare. The last time I fished the Water of Leith I had one particular trout rise to four different small soft plastics only to have a look and turn up his snout, all the while happily rising and taking flies from the surface.

I've only ever tried fly fishing once before at Markle Fisheries near East Linton in East Lothian but I still have a few of the flies from that day though so thought I would try them tonight, with my ultra light gear!

I headed up to the spot where the fly guzzling trout had been giving my lures a brief inspection before quickly choosing to ignore them. I tied on a daddy long legs fly and "cast" it in. I let it trot downstream into the strike zone and up the trout came and nailed it! I couldn't believe it! It was well hooked and after a bit of obligatory thrashing about I lifted the fish up and unhooked what was my best Water of Leith brown trout yet.

Nice plump Water of Leith brown trout.
The Daddy Long Legs pattern that the trout fell for.

Popped it back and off it went. I fished on for a bit but the daddy long legs fly was a bit wet and mangled so I reverted back to my usual tactics of a 1" Gulp! Minnow on a 2.3g #8 Shirasu Fine jighead and moved down to the next pool. No activity though and it was getting dark so I headed home quite content.

Quite satisfying to catch my first brown trout "on the fly". I think I may treat myself to a brook rod and a few dry flies and do it "properly" next time!

Tight lines, Scott.

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