Saturday, June 08, 2024

Windy, with a chance of topknot and lumpsucker!

I continued my hunt for a new Scottish species this week, but the weather was pretty grim, so I didn't fancy my chances, but went out a couple of times anyway! On Monday evening, I spent an hour or so exploring some rockpools at the western end of Portobello Beach after work. The area didn’t seem to hold many fish, but eventually I caught a small fish from a small sandy patch on the bottom of a larger pool. 

This common goby would turn out to be the only fish of the session. It had some nice markings on it, probably due to breeding.

On Tuesday in work I was told that a lumpsucker and a topknot had been caught from the Clyde from a couple of spots I'm familair with around Greenock, so I headed there on Wednesday to see if I could get lucky and catch one myself. The weather forecast wasn't great and sadly when I arrived it was accurate. It was dry most of the day which was something, but it was very windy and that made things difficult. The water was also coloured up slightly and there was a fair amount of suspended weed. Fishing two rods with my hooks baited up with small pieces of ragworm, raw prawn and black lug, I caught plenty of fish but only two species. All I caught were goldsinny and corkwing wrasse and nothing else!

One of the dozens of goldsinny wrasse I caught.
Easily the most colourful corkwing wrasse of the session.

Despite not catching anything rare or unusual, it was still an enjoyable session and productive too. Having surveyed the area I was fishing at low tide once the rocks were exposed, I have a fair idea which spots to focus my efforts on when I next return. Hopefully I’ll get a a few sessions in before the mackerel arrive! I might try fishing small live prawns when I do. The topknot in particular might find those irresistible, if the multitudes of wrasse don't munch them first!

Tight lines, Scott.

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