Monday, September 04, 2017

Back to the drawing board.

Last week I headed west and spent a day on Loch Fyne trying to catch a Fries' goby. It was a pretty miserable day weather wise, especially for the middle of August, being rather grey and windy. Anyway, I caught a few dozen small fish and nine different species over the session. All were caught at range on #14 hooks baited with tiny sections of Dynabait ragworm. Only one goby was caught and sadly it wasn't the one I was after.

A black goby. Fries' goby is a much more colourful chap.

I've now had numerous attempts over the last few years to catch this elusive little fish and I think a new approach is required. I'm confident that being a goby it won't be shy about attacking a baited hook but fishing from the shore I just don't think I'm getting my rigs out far enough to reach them to give them the opportunity. Luckily my mate Robert has just had a tow bar fitted to his car and has offered to take me out in his boat. This will hopefully allow us to drift over the ground where they are located and increase my chances of catching one. I'm looking forward to a few days afloat with Robert and as well as trying to catch Fries' goby we're also hoping to have a go for black mouthed dogfish in the Sound of Mull.

Tight lines, Scott.


  1. Do you want a Blackmouth from uk waters or will anywhere do ?

    1. I'd love one from a UK port as it would count towards my UK tally but equally if I caught one outside of the UK I'd still be happy. :-)