Saturday, July 22, 2017

Nothing fishy going on...

Without warning last month Photobucket decided to change their terms and conditions and are now expecting people to pay the princely sum of $399 a year for the ability to link to their photos from third party websites. I only found out when I got an email from them.

Only took them five years to notice.

I've been using Photobucket to store the photos for this blog since I started writing it over five years ago and have about three and a half thousand images stored on their site. Had the fees introduced been reasonable I might have been open to paying but there is no way I'm paying $399! This means I'll have to upload all of my images to blogger and edit every single post one by one to remove all of the links to Photobucket. This year's posts are now all done and I'll carry on working my way back through previous years' posts when I have the time. In the mean time I can only apologise if you try to view any of my older posts and see Photobucket's ransom demands where my photos should be.

Tight lines, Scott.


  1. Replies
    1. Maybe I should charge $399 for my dragonet guiding services? ;-)

  2. Well, that sucks... :\ Good luck converting those old posts, it's gonna be a hard, long time doing it!


  3. Aye, pretty rubbish Scott, would like to know what % of their customer base has paid the money. Probably underestimated their market. I use imagshack, glad I just use direct loads for my blog. They will be next to put the prices up, not too bad at the minute.