Thursday, October 15, 2015


Whilst out fifteen spined stickleback hunting last week at a new spot I accidentally stumbled across something quite exciting, a topknot. As the tide was dropping a small flatfish appeared from a submerged horizontal crack in a weed covered rock face. I recognised what it was due to its shape and the markings on its back but before I could drop my baited hook in front of it the funky flatfish swam off down the rock towards the bottom of the harbour.

Topknot are ace! I've only ever caught one and that was a total fluke. Compared to other bottom dwelling flatfish they have adopted a bit of an alternative lifestyle, living in cracks or clinging upside down on overhanging ledges which makes them difficult to target.

Needless to say I dropped my bait down after it but had no luck tempting it. So, I didn't catch it but usually with most fish species I find that where there is one there are usually more so I may have discovered a topknot holding area in a local harbour which is brilliant. I'm normally very open about where I fish but on this occasion I'm going to keep the location to myself and a few trusted friends. It goes without saying that I'd love to catch my first Scottish topknot so I'll be back to explore this mark further soon!

Tight lines, Scott. 

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