Thursday, August 27, 2015

The final countdown.

Last Monday I managed to get away from work early and headed through to Galston in Ayrshire to my mate Martin's in preparation for our flight to Spain the following day. It was a lovely afternoon so on the way I made a slight detour, picked up a small tub of ragworm and decided to visit Greenock's Victoria Marina to have have a go for a common dragonet. There were lots of juvenile cod and hadock around and I thought that getting through them might be a big ask but before I had used up my first worm I caught my target.

Number forty in my Scottish saltwater species hunt. A fantastic start to my time off.

Having caught what I went for fairly quickly I decided to head south to Troon. Martin had told me there were plenty of rock gobies to be found in the rockpools there and he wasn't exaggerating. When I slowly approached them I could see my target sitting on the bottom before shooting off into the weeds when they saw me. A #14 hook and single split shot was soon on the end of my leader and a little piece of ragworm was soon being dangled in close to potential fish holding areas. Rock gobies are not shy but a particularly bold blenny bullied its way past one to be my first fish from the mark. Not to be outdone in the kamikaze mini species stakes, three rock gobies all took my miniscule offering, darting out to gobble it up, were hooked and quickly landed.

The biggest of the trio.

Grinning like an idiot I headed off to Martin's, grabbing a couple of celebratory bottles of beer en route. I now have nine species left to catch to reach the fifty mark. Looking at my list of remaining potential targets I'm feeling fairly confident with a day out of Port Logan already arranged and a second in the pipeline where I have a good opportunity to tick off a few more. Those trips along with shore sessions on my days off work will with any luck see me achieve my goal over the next four months.

Tight lines, Scott

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