Tuesday, May 05, 2015

No flies on me...

...because I have a nice little double sided box to keep them in!

Sorry. I'll get my wading jacket.

Recently I purchased some basic fly tying kit so I could tie myself some micro assist hooks to aid my exploration of fishing ultra light metal jigs. I thought I'd also put it to use for its intended purpose and give fly tying a bash. I've opted to start this off with a simple but reputedly very effective little dry fly pattern, the grey duster. After a bit of practice I think I've got them up to a reasonable standard.

Perhaps tying these onto #18 hooks wasn't the best choice for a beginner. Quite hard to photograph as well.

Having got plenty of practice working with thread, bobbin and whip finishing tool whilst making dozens of micro assist hooks I found dubbing the moleskin onto the thread the most difficult part of the process. Filling my little fly box with a few more of this pattern will no doubt help me improve this skill. I'm really looking forward to visiting the Water of Leith soon to fish them with my 6' 2/3 weight brook rod and hopefully a brown trout or two will be fooled by them. 

Tight lines, Scott.


  1. Good effort Scott. A very good friend of mine only ever fished dry fly and ONLY used two flies, either a Grey Duster or a hackled Coachman, but in sizes from 16 up to 12. He always caught whether it be river or lake.
    If dubbing, especially the fine stuff then wax your tying thread or, if you put a little saliva onto the fur it will 'stick' better. Alternatively form a 'dubbing loop' in conjunction with a dubbing twister, which is the best way.
    Happy tying.

    1. Thanks david. I shall look that pattern up. I did think about getting some dubbing wax but I think I'll persevere without it for a while and see if I can improve my technique first. Enjoying the fly tying actually, it's quite relaxing and satisfying too. Be even more satisfying if I can catch a brownie on one of my flies and I might try during the week. :-)