Sunday, March 08, 2015

Fish free February?

Well February was an absolute disaster on the fishing front. With my finances taking a hit from some unexpected and fairly large bills I did some extra shifts at work. The weather was pretty miserable too with strong winds also conspiring to make getting out fishing difficult. Perhaps I should have ventured further away from home but that wasn't really an option when I'm trying to save money. I did go out a few times bait fishing locally but on each occasion I drew a blank. I also tried to open my freshwater account with a trip to Eliburn Reservoir for a relaxing waggler session but that failed to produce even a solitary bite. I had a boat booked on Loch Etive with my mates Nick and Martin for the 22nd but strong winds and heavy rain meant that had to be cancelled as well. I'm just back from a week long holiday on Madeira with my mate Lee, my partner Lillian and my sister Sharon. I couldn't go a month without a fish though so before we flew out on the 28th Lee and I went out and to try and catch a few blennies down at Torness Power Station outflow area.

Baltic blenny bashing.

Lee doesn't share my love of blennies. I have yet to find anyone who adores the cheeky little vicious buggers the way I do. He was quite surprised how cold it is up here too and whilst we managed to winkle a few out it was safe to say that heading off to the airport the following day we were both looking forward to warmer weather and much more varied fishing.

Tight lines, Scott.

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