Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tough going.

I popped down to Torness Power Station outflow yesterday to try and catch some golden grey mullet. Alas despite generous amounts of groundbait going in not a single mullet showed up. Perhaps the persistent and fairly strong offshore winds have seen them all head elsewhere or maybe even the artificially high water temperatures of the outflow have dropped too low and they have become inactive? Who knows? Mullet can be frustrating even when they turn up but not seeing a single mullet enjoying my free stale bread buffet was almost soul destroying. At least the groundbait was nice and cheap I suppose at the bargain price of just 10p a loaf! To avoid a blank I vented my annoyance, kicked a limpet from the rocks and spent thirty minutes catching blennies.

Blennies go crazy for a chunk of limpet. Watching them fight over it is quite funny too and this soon had me smiling again. 

January has been a very tough month. It's hard to get excited about fishing in cold, windy conditions when there aren't a great deal of fish around. I think I'll leave the mullet until later in the year and will turn my attention to targeting rockling over the next few weeks or perhaps I might try and open my freshwater account. I was also hoping to have a day species hunting out on Loch Etive with two of my mates this month but again the weather has forced us to put that off. Hopefully we'll get to do that in February at some point. If I'm honest I really can't wait for winter to pass. On the bright side my week long holiday to Madeira is just over four weeks away and will be a most welcome escape from the cold, windy weather and difficult fishing.

Tight lines, Scott.


  1. Great blog. Particularly like the trips abroad. Going to Gran Canaria with lads in June. Was hoping to catch a Black Bass, but will now be putting the LRF gear in as well! All the best, Ian.

    1. Thanks Ian. Wise move taking LRF gear. You'll have endless fun!