Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cold, wet and informative.

I did a bit of overtime at work last week. Next year's fishing trips require financing after all! That and the weather conspired to ensure that opportunities to get out fishing were pretty much non existent. Sunday was my only day off and I had planned to head to Loch Fyne with my mate Nick but unfortunately he text me on Saturday to say he couldn't make it after all. When I woke up on Sunday morning I didn't really fancy the five hour round trip on my own so instead opted for a lie in and made the much shorter drive down the east coast in the evening to have a go for a viviparous blenny, an old nemesis that I've not caught so far this year. The conditions were far from ideal with the water in both Eyemouth and Dunbar harbours being very coloured due to a bit of a swell running outside them. The harbours did afford me reasonable shelter however and fishing very light with scaled down bait rigs I did manage to catch about thirty fish but my target species wasn't one of them.

Coalfish predictably made up the bulk of my catch with a couple of very small cod successfully muscling their way to my raw prawn baits.

I was suitably dressed for the cold weather and apart from the persistent rain from about 19:00 onwards it was actually a fairly pleasant evening. I ended up with company when a chap out walking his dogs whom I'd got talking to last year stopped and had another good chat with me for a while. A fellow angler and also a keen diver we discussed species hunting and he gave me some useful information on the locations he had observed some of the species which are on my "Most Wanted" list. Targeting some of these species sometimes presents different sets of problems to overcome in terms of the approach adopted but it obviously helps tremendously to have a rough idea where they might be in the first place! From that perspective alone it had been well worthwhile venturing out for a few hours on a cold and wet November evening.

Tight lines, Scott.

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