Wednesday, September 17, 2014

You won't catch anything in there pal.

It was a nice day on Wednesday and I was in two minds about how to spend it. Should I go fishing down in East Lothian or go fishing closer to home? One of my goals for this year is to travel less to fish but to be honest I have failed miserably to do so. With addressing this in mind I decided to head down to nearby Leith Docks.

Leith Docks is a working facilty but some areas are accessible. 

I hadn't fished there for quite some time and when I did the fishing wasn't great but whilst I had low expectations I was also curious to see how much using ultra light tackle and the deadly Angleworm fished on a drop shot rig would perhaps improve my catch rates. Casting out and slowly working the lure back towards me I got an immediate indication of how the area would fish using this approach when my rod tip arched over and a nice flounder was landed after a spirited fight.

Off to a great start. 

Very pleased I carried on fishing and got lots of bites, catching a small coalfish almost every cast which was good fun. 

Angleworm, not just effective in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean also great in the murky waters of Leith Docks.

After a reaching double figures I was approached by someone who was walking by who uttered an expression I've heard once or twice whilst fishing in such venues, "You won't catch anything in there pal!". This always makes me smile as I usually proceed to prove them wrong most of the time. After doing just that I decided to move around the docks to another couple of spots and caught a few more coalfish at each. Pleased to have found a productive mark to have some ultra light fun on locally I then headed along the coast to Granton Harbour to try and catch a herring. I've caught them there before but sadly when I arrived I found that the area I wanted to fish was completely fenced off. Someone from the port authority then approached me and told me it was now off limits as it was unsafe and had been condemned. He then pointed me in the direction of another spot though and after catching a few more coalfish I hooked a fish that put up quite a scrap, making a few strong runs. As I suspected it was a nice mackerel which I decided to keep for my dinner. Heading home I reflected on a couple of hours driving that I hadn't done and a couple spent fishing enjoyably. I might have to re-evaluate the fishing that is available closer to home and will certainly be spending a bit more time fishing Leith Docks in particular. 

Tight lines, Scott.

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