Friday, July 04, 2014

Most Wanted : Tadpole Fish (Lesser Forkbeard).

I recently read some reports on the World Sea Fishing Forum of tadpole fish being caught from Peterhead Breakwater. Loch Leven also seems to be a venue where every now and then one gets caught. They are a pretty weird looking fish and I'd really like to catch one. My friend Ross has caught one three years running from the same spot on Anglesey. This tells a species hunting nut like me that if you know where they have been caught in the past you can realistically go there and deliberately target them.

Ross with a fine example of the aptly named fish.

I believe that these fish only come inshore at certain times of the year to breed before going back out to deeper water again. I've spoken to Ross and he has caught all of his at the same time every year so this will give me something to target early next year and who knows, perhaps I can persuade Ross to return from Alderney and take me to his favourite tadpole fish mark?

Tight lines, Scott.

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