Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All the leaves are brown...

Having not caught a fish since I returned to Scotland on the 15th I was feeling pretty bad due to withdrawal symptoms and needed a fix so I drove up to Orchill Coarse Fishery yesterday to take advantage of a break in the wet weather and had a day fishing maggots on a float ledger setup. In the morning I tried "Alex's Pond" but after three hours with out so much as a bite I decided to head up the hill to the "Snake Pond" and try my luck there. It was slow for a while but eventually the bites came and I soon connected with a few fish. Roach and perch made up the bulk of my eight fish haul over the next three hours but a lovely little mirror carp made sitting in the cold wind all day with leaves falling all around me worthwhile.

A rather lovely little mirror carp.
Autumn is here and getting back from sunny Crete was a bit of a massive come down if I'm honest. A good few tough months ahead but I'm sure I can make the most of whatever fishing opportunities present themselves and I still have a few species I'd like to try and catch before the year is out so planning around those will keep me occupied!

Tight lines, Scott.

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