Saturday, July 20, 2013

Catching up.

I met up with my mate Naz on Tues for the first time in a while. We headed down to fish a low water mark in East Lothian near North Berwick but despite the conditions looking great and the mark looking like it would produce a few fish we both struggled. After several hours exploring and trying a few different approaches to target various species all we had caught were a small coalfish each from the above the kelp directly under our feet and a small long spined sea scorpion I winkled from a rockpool so we opted to head to the rocks near Dunbar to see if a new location would improve our fortunes.

A short drive later we were on a large rocky shelf again and whilst it was quite a similar mark, the key difference was the water at the new one was a little deeper and indeed things were looking good when I hooked a small pollock on my first cast only to helplessly watch as it managed to throw the Savage Gear Sandeel at my feet before diving into the kelp below. It would be a while before anymore action and I had tried a few different lures and Naz had too as well as lost a few on the bottom before I hooked and landed a small pollock on a Savage Gear Phsyco Sprat that I was jigging quite aggressively fairly close in just beyond the kelp on the rock ledges just infront of me. This was quickly followed by a second larger pollock which Naz helped me land before taking a photo of before it went back.

This feisty pollock put a nice bend in my Nories Rough Surf 88.

On a bit of a roll now I quickly landed a third pollock and then hooked another nice fish a bit further out which I could tell was a codling when it started thumping away at the end of my line instead of diving. Soon landed, Naz stopped fishing again to take a photo of me with my catch. 

I was very pleased to catch this nice codling. The first time I've caught one on a metal.

After one more small pollock though the action stopped just as suddenly as it had started and with the tide flooding we decided to try fishing off the rocks at the back of Dunbar Harbour. This only thing this resulted in sadly was a few more lost lures though so we decided to have a quick mess about in the harbour with my ultra light gear at "blenny corner" and "shellfish falls". I managed to catch two blennies and a small flounder on some drop shotted Isome and a quick change to a section of Isome on a jighead saw Naz catch his first blenny before our hunger got the better of us and we called it a day.

Hooked. Naz catches his first blenny.
Unhooked. Naz is bitten by his first blenny.

So pretty tired after a long day's fishing we headed home, stopping briefly on the way for some tasty haddock and chips. A nice fishy way to end a days fishing. It was good to catch up with Naz again and hopefully we can meet up again soon for another fishing trip.

Tight lines, Scott.

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