Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Most Wanted : Red Band Fish.

Another bizarre fish I'd love to catch. With it's bright orange colour with deep purple fin edges and long slender ribbon like body it's one of the strangest looking fishes found in U.K. waters. Living in vertical burrows in soft muddy areas of the sea floor that they use to keep safe and also to ambush small prey that pass overhead. It's only found in a few areas around the U.K. coast.

A red band fish pokes its head out of its burrow.
Cuddling a conger eel. Is this red band fish brave or stupid?

Having done some research on possible locations I've chartered Weymouth skipper Colin Penny's boat "Flamer IV" in July. He seems to be the man to put anglers onto this species along with other oddities including a few other species on my "Most Wanted" list like butterfly blennies and Baillon's wrasse. Hopefully I can get this trio of rarely caught fish in the one outing! Ambitious perhaps but I believe a session aboard "Flamer IV" is the only place where it's been done before and I'm looking forward to attempting to repeat the feat!

Tight lines, Scott.

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