Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Mini sessions, mini species, mini report.

Lillian's Mum came down to visit on Mon and I wasn't expecting to do any fishing for a couple of days. However with the very nice, if a little windy weather, we decided to visit a few coastal spots and the ultra light gear went in the back of the car just in case! On Monday we went down to East Lothian and headed to North Berwick. Lillian and her Mum went to look at the antiques shops on the high street so I had an hours fishing off the rocks at the back of the harbour. Fishing down the sides I was hoping for something unusual but all I managed was a blenny which spat the hook on its way up and a long spined sea scorpion which I managed to hoist up successfully.

Blennies sometimes come off. Sea scorpions do not!

On Tuesday we went to Cramond Island, a small tidal island about 3/4 of a mile of shore that can be accessed via a causeway two hours either side of low water. After having a look around I had thirty minutes rockpooling whilst Lillian and her Mum relaxed in a sheltered spot behind one of the many derelict military installations. I saw a few fish darting under rocks as I approached the rockpools and after a while caught a single blenny. 

Many people get stranded on the island when the tide cuts it off. Mostly intentionally for an overnight drinking session during the summer.
Once housing machine guns during times of war, these concrete buildings now serve as accommodation for those spending the night.
Most people think that drunken youths and a few rats are all that live on the island.  I was pleased to discover a healthy blenny population lives there too!

Opportunistic fishing at its best and I'm thinking about maybe getting a travel ultra light rod and just leaving it in the car with a reel, a few pieces of end tackle and a few packets of Isome so I'm never without gear should an unexpected chance to fish arise.

Tight lines, Scott.

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