Sunday, April 15, 2012


Popped up the Water of Leith today for a few hours and happy to report that I landed my first brown trout from the river. Taken from the first pool I fished, small but perfectly formed. 

My first Water of Leith brown trout.
The first of many urban brown trout hopefully!

Before I hooked it I had a lot of interest from a larger fish who had several swipes at a pink 2" Ecogear Strawtail. After five goes the interest waned so I switched to a 2" Shiraso (silver glitter) Ecogear Paramax and first cast the little fellow swallowed it whole. I've put in a fair amount of hours now and whilst I've had a fair bit of excitement and landed a sea trout, the brown trout have been giving me the run around so it was nice to land one.

My mate Jake popped down for an hour and had a go in his favourite pool but an otter he saw last week seems to have spooked the fish away from the vicinity. We headed downstream. I had a go at another bend where I've seen a few fish and spotted some free advice I hadn't noticed before carved into the wall.

"So Far It's A Good Spot To Fish From"

We also had a go in the pool where I caught my fish and I had the bigger trout have three goes on the same retrieve at a pink Cultiva Pin Worm before he felt the hook and quickly threw it. Jake headed home and I left shortly afterwards.

A nice, enjoyable and rewarding (finally) way to spend a nice sunny Sunday afternoon.

Tight lines, Scott.

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