Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Most Wanted : Zakynthos.

I'm off to Zakynthos for a week at the end of this month for what will be first and foremost a relaxing trip spending quality time with my girlfriend Lillian. On the fishing trips front I get away with murder really and she puts up with no end of my fishing related shenanigans so I shall do my best to limit my fishing sessions to sneaking off early in the mornings when she is asleep and if I'm lucky I can perhaps squeeze in an additional one or two very short sessions if I am given permission. I am also not going to add any new species to my "Most Wanted" list for this holiday. There are however a few species already on my "Most Wanted" list that I may encounter.

Atlantic Stargazer.

My mate Andy has caught a few of these now whilst on holiday on Crete. Surely there must be some hiding in the sandy seabeds around Zakynthos?

Common Dolphinfish (Mahi-Mahi).

I saw some of these cruising past a harbour when I was on Crete last year. I'll try for them early in the morning using small metals or soft plastics fished in conjunction with a caro. Should be fun if I hook one on my ultra light travel setup!

Flying Gurnard.

Like the stargazer these will most likely be found over fine sandy areas. The rocky peninsula I'll be fishing from every day looks like it has some of those around it.

Streaked Gurnard.

The only fish of the five featured that can also be caught around UK waters, the colourful streaked gurnard will hopefully be more common in the Mediterranean.

Tentacled Blenny.

I have no doubt that a few species of blenny and goby will be amongst the fish I catch. I'd really love to catch one of these funky little fellows though.

So, whilst I may be limiting my fishing time, I'm still confident that using the techniques I employed on Crete and Lanzarote as well as trying a few others I can still rack up a few species. Hopefully I can catch some of the species above and as a bit of fun I have set myself a goal of catching twenty species including five new ones.

Tight lines, Scott.

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