Sunday, June 23, 2019

Nothing fishy going on?

I've not been out fishing much this year. On the first few occasions I did venture out I blanked and when I did finally open my account for 2019 it was with a solitary but rather large sand goby that I caught at Burntisland Breakwater.

A fine example of the species with a bold marking on the rear edge of its first dorsal fin.

The main reason for my lack of fishing is simply that I'm working a lot at the moment and also have a fair amount of other things going on too that always seem to get in the way of wetting a line but I did have a week on the Greek island of Kefalonia at the end of May where I enjoyed a bit of species hunting and I'm off to Madeira this afternoon with two of my friends. When I return I'll have a fair amount of blogging to do and I really need to get out more often here as well and have a trip to have a go at pike on the fly to begin to remedy this situation. 

Tight lines, Scott.