Monday, October 01, 2018

Unwelcome break.

On my drive home from Devon I took a slight detour and stopped at Welcome Break services near Oxford. I'm now able to report that anglers aren't welcome at all, at least not if they intend to stealthily do some fishing using a piece of line, split shot, a barbless hook and small chunks from the crust of a Subway sandwich. This fact only became apparent after I'd caught about a dozen goldfish from the large water feature at the bottom of the service stations' food court area when I was rudely interrupted and had to make a sharp exit.

Goldfish come in all shapes and sizes. From the traditional fairground prize type... silver ones.
This one is a shubunkin, an ornamental goldfish with a long tail and the odd metallic scale.
This one is bog standard brown goldfish. This is what they should actually look like and what ornamental goldfish revert back to if they breed without a selection process.

Anyway, just to clarify, anglers aren't welcome to take a break at Welcome Break services near Oxford. If they do they might get chased from said rest stop by site management and security just like I was. You have been warned!

Tight lines, Scott.