Friday, August 01, 2014

Hard work.

Headed down the coast with a couple of lads from my work last week. Stewart and Robert were keen to catch some pollock and mackerel so we decided to fish the cliffs to the north west of Eyemouth Caravan Park to see if we could locate some. When we got to the first spot however there were three people already fishing it so we fished along the rocks from them. Stewart and Robert both started off fishing Savage Gear Sandeels and I went with a Dennet Super Sprat metal. 

Robert hadn't fished for a good few years but was soon getting the hang of things.

After a while I hooked and lost a decent fish but apart from that over an hour's fishing didn't produce any action so we moved to a second spot. This didn't see a great change in our fortunes but after a while I hooked something tiny on my metal.

Greedy little pollock. Almost as big as the lure!

We carried on fishing and I caught a second, marginally bigger pollock.  Whilst Stewart and Robert were a bit wary of climbing around on the rocks I clambered up onto a bit jutting out high over the sea below. This allowed me to get a bit of extra distance on my cast. After two or three casts I hooked a fish at range that gave a good account of itself and a mackerel was soon being dispatched and put into the cool box.

Between a rock and a wet place.
Tea sorted.

Shortly afterwards I caught a second mackerel and Stewart got off the mark with a small coalfish.  By this point Robert was getting a little bit frustrated and was obviously keen to catch a fish. After a while none of us had caught anything else however so I suggested we head along the coast to St Abbs harbour as coalfish there are normally a dead cert. Sure enough there were some small ones around in the harbour mouth and Robert soon caught one on drop shotted Gulp! Angleworm.

Blank avoided.

I then made a comment about there usually being flounder about and cast out into the harbour. Working the rig back towards me I only turned the handle a few times before feeling a solid take. The line went a bit slack as the fish swam towards me so I quickly retrieved line until it went tight again and I could feel some headshaking going on. The culprit soon appeared on the surface and brought a big smile to my face. Couldn't have planned it any better if I tried.

St Abbs flounder. Right on cue.

No sooner than I had put the flatfish back the sky opened and it started raining rather heavily so to avoid a soaking we retreated to the car and headed up the road. It had been a tough day's fishing and I would have liked to see the lads catching more fish but it had been for the most part a beautiful sunny day and we had a laugh so we couldn't complain too much. Both the lads are keen to get out fishing again and they're also interested in getting out in a boat so I'll try to get something arranged on that front as soon as I can. 

Tight lines, Scott.

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