Friday, April 20, 2012

Three amigos ride again.

I headed down the A1 yesterday with my mates Jake and Naz for a little tour of a few of our East Lothian marks. Once on the road, Jake put on the music of a band he was once a part of and Naz recognised it. After some discussion, Jake and Naz realised that they had met before via the Edinburgh music scene many years ago and had a few friends in common as a result. After a bit of "those were the days" reminiscing we arrived at our first mark, the mouth of the Biel Burn at the eastern end of Belhaven Beach. Flounder were the target but no fish were to be found. Naz did find a nice looking white paddletail lure before we left.

A nice find.

We jumped back in the car and headed along to Dunbar harbour but after a bit of vertical jigging down the edges with no bites we decided to move again. Despite a bit of a swell running and an inshore wind we decided to head to Torness Power Station outflow and try for bass. We were soon working our lures over the reef in amongst the breaking waves. Naz was first into a fish. His first bass in fact, so he was over the moon. Shortly afterwards Jake hooked and landed one and I followed suit almost immediately.

Naz's first ever bass!
Caught on guess what?
Bass Bros.

We continued to fish but our efforts produced no more takes so we went to bother the blennes for a while  before we opted to move again and drove further down the coast to Eyemouth. No sign of any fish inside the harbour there though either. Jake and I did get some interest from three small sea trout in the channel where the river flows into the harbour but no sooner than they had appeared they vanished again. We then did a spot of rock hopping at the back of the harbour but again no sign of any fish apart from one small sea scorpion that I hooked briefly before he gave me the slip and shot off back down the edge of the gully to the crevice he came from.

This will be full of pollock soon hopefully!

The lack of fish at most marks is disappointing but we can't complain really. We all landed a bass and the blennies were a laugh as always. However I can't wait for the summer and the variety of species that come with it to arrive.

Tight lines, Scott.

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