Sunday, April 15, 2012

Exercise and exploration.

I headed over the Forth Road Bridge today to the glorious Kingdom of Fife (my birthplace) with my girlfriend Lillian, a.k.a. Lilly the Ghillie, as she has in the past put me onto a fish or two (and out fished me but less said about that the better!). Our destination was Largo Law, the remnants of a volcano, now just a big hill that idiots like us climb up from time to time.

Largo Law Looms.
The beginning of the climb. Note the lovely blue sky.
Lovely view of the Fife coastline on the way up.

The weather was bright when we arrived but showers were forecast and it was rather windy although we were climbing the southern side and it was a northerly wind so we were quite sheltered. After quite a steep ascent a large dark cloud passed overhead and it started to rain hailstones. Luckily this didn't last long but with the full force of the wind battering us I took a few photos of the views and we promptly began our decent. 

The summit with the River Tay off in the distance. Funny I always see the water.

Bloody windy up here!

Exercise over and with burning quads we drove down to Pittenweem, one of many small villages that are dotted along the Fife coastline that were once bustling fishing ports and are now just picturesque coastal villages that have nice little harbours in them and that's where we headed. First on the agenda were flounders. I cast out my red Power Isome into a couple of feet of clear water and began a slow bottom bouncing retrieve. Pretty soon had a small flounder following and it had a nibble but I didn't hook up. Spent the next 20 min with flounders chasing and nibbling on the tail of the lure but without hooking any. Encouraging to see them back in a harbour though as they've been absent from the ones in East Lothian for a while. Hopefully they'll be there too next time we visit one!

Next I went round the back of the harbour and tried a spot of vertical jigging in some rockpools. Wasn't long before I caught a long spined sea scorpion.

Blank off!
Covered in little spots this one.
Spot the long spined sea scorpion!

Followed shortly by another much smaller one.

Small but still greedy!

I also had a blenny assault the lure too but after three attacks it lost interest and disappeared back into the crack it came from. It started raining so I decided to move.

Jumped back in the car and drove along to St Monans but the water in the harbour was filthy and very low so we headed along to the next town, Elie.

On the approach I spotted a nice bay and a rocky peninsula that looked quite good so we followed the signs to the bay and I headed out to the point.

That rocky peninsula looks promising.
The water inside the bay was very clear and I could see the bottom. Nice clumps of weed were wafting around in the current and this time I opted for a 1" section of red Gulp! Sandworm and began casting between them. A big fish darted out from some weed but I missed it's bite at the lure. I recast to the same spot to see if it would have another go but it didn't. I continued exploring the gaps as I worked my way around the edge of the rocks and after a short while another big fish went for the lure as it passed some rocks. Managed to hook this one though and quickly hoisted it up. Cracking long spined sea scorpion. At 184 mm long it was a new PB but unfortunately I didn't have my scales with me to weigh it. I will just have to pay the mark another visit now that I know it holds a few specimen fish. It was raining again as I took a few photos of it.

What a lunker! 184mm. New PB!
Lovely light turquoise throat membranes.
Bit of a belly! Obviously not eating enough Diet Gulp!
Wet but well chuffed!

I caught one more tiny long spined sea scorpion from a large rockpool but the wind picked up and my hands were becoming numb so I called it a day and we headed home.

One more for the road.

Productive session at a few new marks and very promising to see some flounders in a harbour. Nice area with many lovely villages most with little harbours all along the coast and I think during the summer some great mini species hunting opportunities will be found there.

Tight lines, Scott.

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