Monday, March 19, 2012

Short Dunbar Harbour and rockpool session.

Today I decided to head down to Dunbar Harbour  for a quick session. Upon arrival I quickly rigged up a section of pink Power Isome on a Carolina rig, using a 3g drilled lead ball and a Kamasan Animal # 14 barbed hook to 4lb nylon. These are ideal for this purpose as they enable a neat presentation of your small lure section and the hooks are very sharp but strong. Perfect for the bony little mouths on many mini species. I tried various spots around the harbour to see if there were any flounders, blennies, sea scorpions or anything else around.

After thirty minutes of no action I decided to head to to back of the old part of the harbour to see if there were any fish in the rock pools. I wasn't disappointed. Most of the rock pools contained some cover, large rocks with gaps underneath or crevices with overhanging weed containing long spined sea scorpions. I caught four and missed a few more.

A nice little blood red coloured long spined sea scorpion.
Slightly bigger and quite a contrast in colouration. Olive with much higher concentrations of dark brown flecks.

I find if they've had the lure in their mouths once or twice and have either spat it out or you've pulled it out trying to hook them they realise it's not food and they lose interest. I have only really fished a tiny part of the shoreline around the harbour and it seems to be dominated by long spined sea scorpions however, my mate Jake grew up there and remembers finding butterfish and rocklings as a child so I plan on heading back soon for a bit more exploration and with any luck a bit of variety!

Tight lines, Scott.

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