Friday, March 23, 2012

Bass and mini species fun.

I was out today climbing Traprain Law near Haddington...

Traprain Law near Haddington, East Lothian.
...and afterwards popped down to the outflow at Torness Power Station to have a quick go for bass. Armed with my usual ultra light setup, a Shimano Diaflash 237L-S 0.8-8g and Exage 2500FC loaded with 6lb Sunline RockFish. Just as I was arriving someone else was leaving who told me he had been fishing for six hours without any action so I knew I was probably fighting a losing battle but had a go anyway. An arkansas shiner tiny Slug-Go, a white clouser fly, a silver pearl "Flasher" Redgill and a white Kiddy Sidewinder Brill Bait were all launched into the wind and a slight one foot swell using an 8g sinking bombarda but after a while I had no takers. A quick change of end gear to a short 6lb Sunline Siglon Flourocarbon leader, a 1.8g #10 Decoy Rocket jighead and a red Gulp! Alive! Fish Fry and I turned my attention to the blennies that inhabit the deep holes between the boulders of the sea defences. Two drops and I had two blennies straight away. This took my tally to 100 so far this year! Here's I am with my 100th blenny.

Congratulations! You are my 100th Blenny of 2012!
"What did I win?"

He didn't win anything unfortunately! I headed back to the car and went further south to St Abbs harbour. Just to see if the fish activity had picked up there. I stuck with the Decoy Rocket jighead but opted for a pink medium sized Isome and began exploring the weedy edges of the harbour. The water was very clear and I could see the bottom despite there being a fair bit of water in the harbour as it was just after high tide. No fish activity whatsoever. Quite disappointing but I soldiered on, working my way round the harbour. Just before I was about to leave a tiny long spined sea scorpion came out of a crack and greedily wolfed down the lure. 

All puffed up and trying to look intimidating.

That was it for the session. I was hoping that St Abbs would be a bit more productive with at least a few flounders chasing the lure but even they were nowhere to be seen. I guess I may have to have a rethink about my mini species hunting sessions until the water temps rise and the usual suspects move back into the harbours. I may have to try a different approach if I want to catch a few more species before then.

Tight lines, Scott.

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