Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Using my loaf.

I met up with my mate Nick last Monday for a session at Torness Power Station outflow targeting mullet and bass. After fishing micro jigs for a bit I opened our loaf of bread and started freelining fairly large flakes for the mullet but things were pretty slow to start with. Nick persisted with metals but as the tide began to drop the mullet appeared and eventually my patience paid off when I managed to catch three of the thick lipped variety.

All the thick lipped grey mullet were quite plump.

In between helping me land mine Nick had a go for the mullet too but sadly didn't have any luck before he had to head off. I already knew he makes a fine ghillie but next time I'll be on the net duties as well hopefully. I fished on for a while and after three more thick lipped grey mullet I caught a golden grey mullet and then a surprise bass.

Golden grey are they prettier of the two grey mullet species found in Scottish waters.
Their lips are quite petite and they also have the nice gold spot on their gill plate which gives them their name.

This bass also took a large bread flake. I think this is a first for me.

On Friday last week I returned with my mate Robert after we finised work for a few more hours at the outflow. The session went much the same way in that I caught both varieties of grey mullet and also a bonus bass on bread flake. In amongst the mullet I caught was the biggest golden grey mullet I've ever caught in Scotland.

A rather plump fish that I was pleased to catch. The Scottish record is only 13oz. I''m not sure how close this one was.

Robert, who had never fished for mullet before, had a frustrating time watching the mullet steal the bread off his hook and lost a couple of fish too before eventually his patience paid off and he caught his first ever mullet.

Robert was pleased to catch his first golden grey mullet.
I don't think it'll be his last. We'll be back soon so he can have a go at catching his first thick lipped grey mullet.

So a couple of enjoyable sessions targeting mullet with my mates last week and I'm looking forward to more trips down there soon. It'll not be for a few weeks though as I'm off to Crete tomorrow morning. Should I see any mullet while I'm there I'll certainly be using my loaf again though.

Tight lines, Scott.

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