Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nuclear fishin.

I spent a few hours down at Torness Power Station outflow yesterday pestering the resident bass again. After catching a few at distance on a slowly retrieved metal and a jighead mounted paddletail I switched to jigging micro metals at close range. It was great fun and I even saw some of the takes as the fish came from the bottom to grab the lure which is always exciting.

I fished a few diffirent micro jigs and the bass were loving them. This one is a cheap and cheerful Hart X-Mebaru jig with one of my own assist hooks attached to the top using a micro clip. Almost all the fish were nicely lip hooked. Great for catch and release.

I like fishing with metals and it's really something I should do more often. With doing so in mind I think I'm going to be stocking up on more jigs in the 3-5g range. I might get the vice out and tie up some more micro assist hooks to use with them as well.

Tight lines, Scott.


  1. Hi Scott, would you mind posting some details of what size/type of hook you use for your assists and how you tie them up please? Cheers, Ian.

    1. Sure Ian...

      I make them using some basic fly tying tools with spade end chinu hooks, thread and 20lb fly line backing. I add a bit of micro crystal flash for extra bling. I also put on a 2mm rig ring by passing the loop through and then down round the outside. I might do a blog post with some photos if I get time.