Friday, October 07, 2016

What a load of bull!

I popped out for a couple of hours tonight to see if the bullheads were more active after dark. I went to a new spot so I'm not sure if they are more active after dark or if the new spot just has dozens of them in it because arriving at the river's edge I immediately spotted lots of them sitting on the bottom in a shallow rocky area. Most were only a couple of centimetres long so out came the tanago hooks and split shot. I had some worms with me but I put a tiny piece of Gulp! Angeworm on and lowered it down in front of one. In true goby fashion it wasn't shy, quickly munched it and was swung up into my hand. I had my wellies on so after catching a few more of the tiny ones I went into the water and using my headtorch started searching for bigger ones. Slowly making my way upstream I eventually found some larger specimens which were just as obliging when my hook was wafted in front of their faces.

I didn't need the tanago hook for the bigger ones really but they work just as well.

I also caught some minnows too and it was good fun sight fishing with the headtorch in the dark. I also had a bat flying through its beam too which was was pretty cool. Quite chuffed to have caught a new species I headed back to the car, chucked my gear in the boot and drove home. I now need one more new species to hit this year's goal of twelve. The tanago hooks will certainly be required again on Sunday when I head west to try and catch my first fifteen spined stickleback from amongst the bladderwrack on the shores of Loch Etive.

Tight lines, Scott.

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