Sunday, September 11, 2016

Still putting a smile on my face.

I've been working a lot since starting my new job in the recently opened Edinburgh Angling Centre. As a result I haven't managed to get out that much. When I have wet a line I've hit the East Lothian coast. The fishing has been mixed but I've caught a fish or two that have put a smile on my face. A trip to St Abbs for a couple of hour's light game fun produced dozens of small coalfish but I also caught this nice little copper coloured pollock.

Juvenile pollock sometimes look much nicer than adults in my opinion.

A return to St Abbs a week later with my mate Garf with light game tackle saw us catching more small coalfish. I managed a couple of flounders too and hooked a very large pollock at the back of the outer wall that made me glad I had taken my net with me. Pity it had been left in the boot of the car at the top of the hill! The fish though beaten made good its escape when we tried to land it. Probably the biggest fish I've hooked on light game tackle. Not the first time I've been caught out by a surprise bonus beast and I should have learnt by now to always take my net!

One of the fish that didn't get away.

A few hours last down at Dunbar with some ragworm from work saw me catching dozens of coalfish again. They're good fun but I'd have prefered some flounders as they give a better account of themselves. Something else eventually managed to beat the coalfish to my bait though and had me smiling again.

My first ever ballan wrasse from inside Dunbar Harbour. I've had so many species from this venue now it's quite incredible.

Finally, I had a text from my mate Martin  recently telling me to look up the rockclimbing goby. A fascinating fish indeed but the text reminded me of another fish he told me to check out some time ago that always makes me smile. It's called the sarcastic fringehead.

The sarcastic fringehead is a very aggressive fish that puts its rather large mouth with its colourful interior to unusual use during territorial disputes. Check out this video to see it in action.

Anyway, I may be fishing less at the moment but it still gives me pleasure. Some of the goals I set myself this year have fallen by the wayside but I think over the coming months I'll focus on catching three new species which would take me to twelve for the year. From saltwater I'll be after a fifteen spined stickleback and a a three bearded rockling. Before I try for them though I think I'll hit some small streams in the evenings after work to try to catch my first bullhead.

Tight lines, Scott.

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