Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Enjoying the sunshine...

I've been really enjoying my trips to Eliburn Reservoir of late. The waggler is such a simple and relaxing way too fish. The weather has been really nice too which always makes for a more pleasurable day out. During a session last Wednesday I decided to fish a shallow area where I could see lots of fish fairly high up in the water including a few carp. To try and maximise my chances of tempting the sun bathing fish I bulked all my shot under my float so my maggot would fall slowly through the water column. With most of the fish suspended motionless or slowly cruising around just below the surface, lazily enjoying the sunhine no doubt, bites didn't exactly come thick and fast but when the float did go under I caught some nice fish.

An ide in nice condition. It put up a good scrap. 
I caught these two rudd one after another. It's the first time I've caught rudd from the venue. As is typical of the species they took the maggot high up in the water column. 
Eliburn is stuffed full of these little perfect perch and if my bait sat in the bottom for long enough I'd usually catch one eventually. 
How adorable is this little tench? This was my last fish of the session and put a big smile on my face. 

I must say I'm really enjoying my coarse fishing at the moment. The nice weather didn't last long unfortunately and it is very poor at the moment. The next day off I have with a reasonable forecast I'll probably make the drive south Forest Lane Fishery to have a go for my first goldfish. I can see myself carrying on coarse fishing over the coming weeks and I might have a go fishing "the method", another approach I quite enjoy.

Tight lines, Scott.


  1. Nice catches! Those rudd are like little gems.

    1. Thanks Patrik. Yeah they are pretty little fish. There's another fishery that near me that has lots of rudd and no roach. I might pay it a visit soon. It also had tons of sticklebacks in its margins that I can torment with my tanago rigs.