Thursday, April 21, 2016

Never say never.

I've not been out much this year. When I have had my days off work the weather has been poor and when I have gone fishing it has been pretty unproductive to say the least. Last week though I caught a few small flounders at Dunbar Harbour but even they were very hard work to winkle out. Encouraging though and there were a few shoals of sandeels in the harbour too, a sure sign that water temperatures are slowly creeping up. Soon the species associated with the summer months will begin to reappear and hopefully we'll get some nice weather over the coming months too.

This week the weather has been quite nice for a change. Yesterday was a lovely clear sunny day with hardly any wind blowing so I headed down the coast for a session targeting mullet. Quickly setting up and spooning in some groundbait there were soon a few fish attacking the larger chunks of bread, splashing around on the surface as they fought over it. Normally you can draw them in towards you but not yesterday, instead they stayed out a fair bit. Perhaps because it wasn't a particularly big tide and there wasn't a great depth of water covering the area I was fishing or maybe it was due to the very bright conditions. Anyway, my eyesight was put to the test as my 6lb mainline slipped through my thumb and forefinger and my float drifted out amongst the feeding fish. As usually happens, at a particular point of the tide they seemed to throw caution to what little breeze there was and I hooked and landed two in fairly rapid succession.

First out was a thick lipped grey mullet. They can show trout how to pout. 
Next up was a golden grey mullet. Their lips aren't quite so voluptuous.

That was that and despite the fish still feeding away on the surface I didn't tempt anymore with the bread flake on my #10 hook. Still it was such a lovely day it didn't really matter. In the past I've expressed my dislike of the venue and often have said to myself that I'd never return but it's hard to stay away given the fun that can be had fishing for mullet. It's not so bad when you have it to yourself and standing on the large boulders with the sun on my face reminded me of fishing off the back of a harbour breakwater abroad.

Tight lines, Scott.

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