Friday, October 09, 2015

Fish know when they've been tanago'd.

My tanago hooks and floats arrived last Friday and I popped down to Dunbar Harbour on Tuesday to try them out. It was a bit windy so instead of using the tiny floats I went with a slightly bigger pole float. Putting a minute piece of ragworm on the point of the hook I dropped it down next to the floating bladderwrack lining the harbour wall to try and tempt a fifteen spined stickleback out of it. I was expecting a bit of a wait before getting bites but my little float soon dipped under the surface and lifting my rid tip I felt a small fish putting up a little scrap. Reeling in I found a two spotted goby on the end. 


This set the tone for the next hour or so and I'd soon caught over a dozen of them and a few small coalfish. I'm not sure if all these two spotted gobies have always been in Dunbar Harbour or if they are a new arrival. One thing is for sure though, the tanago hooks are absolutely deadly and are a brilliant addition to my micro species hunting arsenal. I didn't catch or see any fifteen spined sticklebacks but there was a bit of movement in the water due to the rough seas outside the harbour. I'm sure as soon as I can locate a fifteen spined stickleback and present a small bait on one of these hooks it'll be tanago'd too.

Tight lines, Scott.

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