Thursday, August 06, 2015

Little consolation.

My mate Nick and I went down to Torness Power Station early on Saturday morning to have a go for thick lipped grey mullet and golden grey mullet. Upon arrival we found several other anglers, and I use that term in it's loosest possible sense, all lobbing their controller float rigged Eddystone eels around in the main outflow. As per usual they appeared to be catching nothing but slightly more worryingly a commercial fishing boat was also working fairly close in directly out from the outflow and there were also a couple of nets strung out across across the bay to the right of it as well. All in all not nice to see really but keen to fish anyway we got some groundbait made up and started float fishing bread flake. Unfortunately no mullet appeared and as the owner of the nets arrived we watched as he pulled them in and filled a large rucksack with bass and a few other fish. With no mullet pulling our floats under even a blenny each before we left, which is usually enough to raise a smile, didn't cheer us up much.

Blennies ensure you never blank at the outflow. If they had any value on the fish black market that might not be the case.
A small hook baited with a slice of limpet and a single split shot is all that is required. 

Rather dejected by what we had witnessed and having left the outflow earlier than we had intended as a result of that and the lack of mullet, I decided to fish in Dunbar Harbour for an hour after dropping Nick off to try and cheer myself up a bit. As it was low water on a spring tide I decided to target sand gobies. A little piece of Isome on a Carolina rig slowly pulled along the bottom soon had them appearing and attacking it along with some small flounders. I caught three fairly quickly before moving away from the sandy area that held them and trying for flounders using angleworm on a drop shot rig. This resulted in a few dozen little coalfish intercepting my hook bait before any flounders could get near it.

Mission accomplished.

Mini species aside it had been a pretty dissapointing morning particularly watching undersized bass being targeting on several fronts with some being taken down at Torness Power Station outflow. The artificially warm waters that are pumped out of the station attract and hold these fish only for unscrupulous people to exploit them solely for financial gain. In my opinion the majority of people fishing there do not respect the juvenile bass or the laws protecting them. It's very frustrating to watch it happening and I think I'll stick to visiting midweek as it's usually quieter then. Once I've caught the two mullet species found there I think I'll stop visiting altogether. A sad state of affairs really. 

Tight lines, Scott.

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