Friday, March 27, 2015

Here's one I made earlier.

Inspired by the beautiful hand crafted metal jigs that Angelo had shown us when Lee and I met up with him on Madeira and keen to explore shore jigging metals as a fishing style and I have a selection of small metals on their way to me as I type to supplement those I already have. Interested in learning some new skills and reduce the chances of losing the metals whilst at the same time hopefully improving my hook up rates I couldn't resist buying a very cheap fly tying startup tool kit for the bargain price of £20 along with a spool of thread, a packet of micro crystal flash, a bottle of fishing superglue and some small rig rings to make my own light game assist hooks. Not sure how difficult it was going to be I started watching a few YouTube videos and began practicing with the tools to get the hang of the jam knot, the pinch wrap and the whip finish. Using the components I'd bought along with some #4 hooks and some 50lb braid I gave making some assist hooks a bash and was quite surprised by the results of my first few efforts.

Here's one on an IMA Gun jig. I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

I have to say it was very satisfying making them and I love the fact that I can produce them exactly how I want, tailoring the hook size and cord length to each individual metal jig. They'll also work out cheaper than the ones you can buy too and I won't have to experience problems sourcing them either as finding them in the U.K. is virtually impossible and ordering from abroad can incur extra charges. Once I've made enough for all my metals and a few spares I'll hopefully catch some fish on them which will also be very satisfying.

Going forward I'd like to try making some of my own lures. Given I now have the fly tying tools I might buy a few more materials and have a go at tying some basic flies to chuck at the trout in the summer. Pouring my own soft plastics is something else I am keen to have a go at and it would be good to knock out a few paddletails for my trip to the Ebro in late August. Perhaps I'll get around to making some of my own metal jigs eventually as well. I doubt they'll be as nice as Angelo's as his were superb but that standard is something to aim for. Who knows, maybe one day my lure buying days will be over!

Tight lines, Scott.


  1. Make sure the assist's length dont go much longer than 1/3 of the jigs length, plus the hook should be wider than the lures body (thats what the shore jigging fanatics back home say at least!). For wider jigs and slow jigging applications its more common to add the assists in the back of the lure.. Ive done the same but I dont use braid anymore instead opting for fluorocarbon since im tired of losing my jigs! If you start making your own metals ill be your first

    1. Thanks for the tips Dimitrios. If I go into the jig making business I'll let you know. Might be a while though...