Friday, March 29, 2013

Bass Rock!

Sorry to disappoint anyone who is looking for a fix of spiky silver fish! I appreciate some anglers think that Dicentrarchus Labrax is the only fish that swims and other species are not worth the effort but I beg to differ. All species of fish are interesting and beautiful in their own right and variety is the spice of life! Anyway, rant over. I went to East Lothian today to do a bit of exploring at low water and had some great views of the Bass Rock. Hence the mischievous misleading post title.

Bass Rock! I'll get my coat.

I took advantage of the big spring tide and went down there early this morning to dangle some Power Isome into likely looking hiding places.

Long spined sea scorpion rock too. Especially this little blank saver.
Cool white spots on its flanks.

This was the only fish caught from the rockpools and gullies exposed to the east and west of North Berwick harbour. Sadly there was very little sign of any fish. In fact apart from a cast iron seal sculpture that I hadn't noticed before there was very little sign of any life at all.

He doesn't seem to bothered by the lack of fish!

Pretty much all I saw was a solitary tern diving and a cormorant fishing so maybe there are a few bait fish arriving and hopefully things will liven up soon if the weather starts to improve and the water temperature starts to rise with it. Fingers crossed!

Tight lines, Scott.

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