Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Too turbulent for turbot.

I headed out during the week with Lillian to Ravensheugh beach in East Lothian to target turbot. Upon arrival though it became apparent that the conditions were not ideal for the ultra light setups we had with us. To try and salvage the trip we did a spot of rockpooling and I quickly caught a long spined sea scorpion. Lillian was struggling to find any so I explained the type of features to look for in a rockpool that may hold little greedy fish. Cracks, weed, gaps under boulders and shady areas are all good places to drop your Isome into. As I pointed out one such hiding place I caught another one. It had quite a nice colouration so I took a few photos.

"Peppered Rootbeer" flavour.
Like little grains of sand these spots are a key part of the fishes camouflage.
Unlike its brightly coloured underside!

Putting it back I thought the fairly large rock might contain more fish so I dropped my lure into the same spot again. Sure enough another long spined sea scorpion grabbed the little chunk of Power Isome and was soon hoisted out of the pool. Lillian was still finding it difficult to locate any fish so I suggested we headed back to the car and head somewhere else where I knew finding fish shouldn't be a problem. We were soon at Dunbar harbour and as I thought there were more than a few coalfish in it, eagerly taking the Power Isome on the drop or from the bottom if it actually managed to get down there. After watching me catch a few Lillian said that whilst she could feel them biting she couldn't hook them. I put my rod down and gave her a few pointers. Next cast she had a few more bites before manging to hook one.

Lillian gets a fish!

Blank off and feeling hungry, Lillian walked up to the high street to get something to eat. I had a quick go at flattie corner but it was high water and it never seems to produce any when the harbour is full. Today was no different. I then quickly headed over to blenny corner and managed to catch two small ones before Lillian returned with some lunch. Still pretty windy and cold we enjoyed our snack in the car before heading home.

Gutted to not get the chance to target turbot today but still had fun, caught a few fish and I'm chuffed Lillian had a go today and caught a fish! I'll soon have her catching bigger ones!

Tight lines, Scott.

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