Friday, July 20, 2012

Every cloud...

With my mate Jake catching a few launce in Dunbar harbour on Tuesday and the weather clearing up yesterday after all the rain the day before, I met up with him and we headed down there again yesterday afternoon. As well as hopefully getting a crack at a launce or two for my species tally I also wanted an opportunity to continue my ongoing search for a sand goby and a viviparous blenny from the harbour as I know they are in there having seen them caught from it in the last year. 

This plan was soon scuppered however as when we arrived at about 14:00 we found the harbour looked like the outflow from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! We decided to head further down the A1 to another outflow to try our new Lunker City Ribster lures on the resident bass population. It wasn't long before Jake established that the bass liked them and then that the bass were very keen on them!

This greedy bass swallowed the entire lure.

I then caught one too, again on a Ribster. Jake caught a couple more before I spotted him trying to secretly smear some scent on his lure. His little bottle of Captain Mike's Shrimp scent was soon confiscated and some liberally applied to my lure too. Jake's a big fan of it and no sooner had I cast out my stinky lure than I had a bass on.

Thanks Captain Mike!
Ribbed for pleasure!

Coincidence or not, I may have to order some! The action died of a bit for a while although Jake did catch a few more fish. I tried out some new Daiwa Tournament D'Tail lures and had a knock or two but no more hook ups. Not the targets we originally had in mind but I suppose we can't complain too much. What is it they say about every cloud?

Tight lines, Scott.

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