Species I've caught in 2017.

Here is a record of all the species I've caught during 2017. New species are in bold. Click each one to see the relevant catch reports.

From freshwater...
  1. Minnow (Phoxinus Phoxinus)*
  2. Perch (Perca Fluviatilis)
  3. Three Spined Stickleback (Gasterosteus Aculeatus)

From saltwater...

  1. Annular Seabream (Diplodus Annularis)
  2. Atlantic Bonito (Sarda Sarda)
  3. Atlantic Chub Mackerel (Scomber Colias)*
  4. Atlantic Lizardfish (Synodus Saurus)*
  5. Axillary Seabream (Pagellus Acarne)
  6. Azores Damselfish (Chromis Limbata)
  7. Bass (Dicentrarchus Labrax)
  8. Bermuda Sea Chub (Kyphosus Sectatrix)
  9. Big Scale Sand Smelt (Atherina Boyeri)
  10. Bogue (Boops Boops)
  11. Canary Damselfish (Abudefduf Luridus)
  12. Cardinalfish (Apogon Imberbis)
  13. Common Blenny (Lipophrys Pholis)*
  14. Cleaver Wrasse/Pearly Razorfish (Xyrichthys Novacula)
  15. Comber (Serranus Cabrilla)
  16. Common Pandora (Pagellus Erythrinus)
  17. Common Two Banded Seabream (Diplodus Vulgaris)
  18. Diamond Lizardfish (Synodus Synodus)
  19. Emerald Wrasse/Atlantic Wrasse (Centrolabrus Trutta)
  20. Gilthead Seabream (Sparus Aurata)
  21. Golden Grey Mullet (Liza Aurata)
  22. Greater Weever (Trachinus Draco)*
  23. Guinean Puffer (Sphoeroides Marmoratus)
  24. Hairy Blenny (Labrisomus Nuchipinnis)
  25. Lesser Weever (Echiichthys Vipera)
  26. Macronesian Sharpnose Puffer (Canthigaster Capistrata)
  27. Madeira Goby (Mauligobius Maderensis)
  28. Madeira Rockfish (Scorpaena Maderensis)
  29. Ornate Wrasse (Thalassoma Pavo)
  30. Painted Comber (Serranus Scriba)
  31. Parrotfish (Sparisoma Cretense)
  32. Planehead Filefish (Stephanolepis Hispidus)
  33. Red Porgy/Couch's Seabream (Pagrus Pagrus)
  34. Rockpool Blenny (Parablennius Parvicornis)*
  35. Saddled Seabream (Oblada Melanura)
  36. Striped Seabream (Lithognathus Mormyrus)
  37. Thick Lipped Grey Mullet (Chelon Labrosus)
  38. Wide Eyed Flounder (Bothus Podas)
*=No photo of this year's fish so I've used one from a previous year to illustrate the species.

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